Working With Us

Jai Balaji Group owes its success to its people, who form the core of the Group and are our greatest asset- which we aim to nurture and reward.

The open work culture not only opens a journey full of exciting opportunities, which in combination with honest effort, dedication, and hard work, leads to continual personal development and enables one to unleash their full potential, but also ensures a work-life balance. Every member at Jai Balaji Group is given full room to further develop their intellect and make independent decisions in a dynamic atmosphere, and encourages them to take initiative to experiment, innovate and develop a passion to set and achieve their goals, which also helps the company march towards progress.

We believe that a diverse workforce improves individual as well as combined capabilities by inducing creativity, increasing productivity and forming an inclusive environment. This is why, we at JBG, believe in equal opportunity employment irrespective of origin, race, nationality, gender or religion.

At Jai Balaji Group, don’t just make a difference to us, but to your career as well.

To apply, please email your resume at