Pig Iron (Sponge Iron)

JBG has state of the art facilities installed for the manufacture of Pig Iron at its plants in Durgapur, West Bengal. With the most advanced equipments set up in our laboratories, we have emerged as the market leader in the state for manufacture of quality Pig Iron.

The primary mineral raw materials required, namely Iron ore, Limestone, etc are procured by our Group from the best mines in the country. Coke used for the energy to smelt the ore is imported from countries such as China, Japan, etc., presently, we plan to set up a Coke Oven Plant for its manufacture to bring about economies in cost.

Our Blast Furnaces have been designed in such a manner so as to ensure optimum use of minerals at the least costs possible. We operate a 60 square meter Sinter Plant at our Blast Furnace site, which recycles the Iron-ore and Coke fines into Sinter Cakes to be used as feed for the furnace. This not only provides us with better recovery of iron, but also reduces our costs of production directly. Besides, our Pulverised Coal Injection Plant aims to reduce the Coke Rate in our furnaces, which again has a direct bearing on our cost saving efforts.

The different grades of Pig Iron we manufacture are

  • Steel Grade Pig Iron; and
  • Foundry Grade Pig Iron.

The Pig Iron manufactured at our units is distinct due to its low levels of Sulphur and Phosphorous. Low levels of these elements reduce the costs associated with desulphurization for furnace owners and help them with flexibility in preparing charge mixes. Further, the use of this product manufactured by our Company ensures high quality castings, free from defects due to low levels of impurities and intrusions. Consistent and appropriate levels of carbon and silicon help in providing excellent machineability of castings.

We operate in Durgapur and West Bengal, having a total capacity of 6,30,000 MTs of Pig Iron annually.


Carbon 3.75 to 4.20
Sulphur 81 Min.
0.05 to 0.065 91 Min.
Phosphorous 0.08 to 012
Manganese 0.50
Silicon 0.8 to 1.4 [Basic Grade]
1.5 to 1.9 [1.5 + Grade]
2.0 to 2.5 [Foundry Grade]