Ductile Iron Pipes

Ductile Iron is an alloy of Iron, Carbon and Silicon. If we observe the micro structure of grey caste iron, we will notice that graphite present in it is in the form of flakes. In the year 1948, the flakes structure of graphite was modified by adding magnesium to the molten metal. The resultant product of iron is now typically known as Ductile Iron.

Ductile Iron Pipes have higher tensile strength, yield strength, ductility and impact resistance which are the reasons why the use of Ductile Iron Pipes has grown up at a rapid rate over the last 50 years or so.

Our Group has set up a 3,00,000 MTPA Ductile Iron Pipe Plant at Durgapur, West Bengal, where we primarily offer metallic zinc sprayed pipes with a finishing layer of bituminous paint (with fillers). Other special type of external coatings and linings which are available include