Sustainability and welfare are a vital part of our expansion course at Jai Balaji Group, striving to maintain harmony between economic and social as well as environmental objectives. By being susceptible to climate change and securing global leadership to protect our society and environment, our policies and initiatives demonstrate our approach towards corporate social responsibilities.

Apart from following all necessary legal and environmental rules, we adopt relevant technologies to innovate new products and operational methods to minimise their adverse impact on the environment. We are proud of not only keeping in check and controlling emissions and discharges from various manufacturing processes but also constantly increasing and maintaining green cover within our industrial premises to create a better tomorrow, today, for the generations to come. Our waste management policies and energy efficiencies are such that they produce virtually no solid waste. We were the first ever company in our sector to adopt green policies. As a good corporate practice and for better governance, the Company shall continue to strive towards CSR the way it has been doing in past years.