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Jai Balaji Group strives to maintain harmony between its organisation on one side and the nature and society on the other. Based on this, we establish in our organisation environmental objectives and action plans each year and put them into practice. Our Group tries to fulfill corporate responsibilities for the society and environment by responding to the climate change with on-going environmental improvement, securing global leadership, promoting resource recycling, and increasing communication with stakeholders.

A cleaner environment is also an integral part of every expansion course charted out by our Group. We strongly believe in the need to protect our environment and conserve natural resources for the future generations. Accordingly, we have taken a focussed approach towards protecting the environment and have adopted preventive measures as a part of our operations.

Our Group believes that the products manufactured by us should not have any negative impact on the surroundings of our units and the community; and this will be possible when we take into account the economic, social and environmental aspects of our operations. We follow all necessary legal and environmental rules and adopts relevant technologies to make ourselves an environment friendly organisation. On our environment agenda, adoption of eco-friendly technologies to contain environment hazzards is a top priority. Environmental issues like air pollution, water pollution and solid waste disposal are some of the utmost concerns of our Group and we have taken preventive steps to protect the surroundings from its adverse effects.

Our Environment Management Department takes care of all the activities related to environmental safeguards. Some of its functions are as follows

  • Assess impact of new projects on the environment

  • Based on impact, an environmental management plan is drawn up to mitigate causes

  • Seek clearances regarding environmental issues from government bodies

  • Constant monitoring of emissions / discharges from manufacturing process and their


  • Ensure compliance to statutory obligations in all environmental issues

  • Increasing awareness among workforce for safeguarding environment

  • Increase and protect the green cover within the plant premises

  • Keep plant areas clean through housekeeping

  • Initiate CDM projects and carbon foot-printing of process

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